Progetto Flaminio

Progetto Flaminio



An open and structured city that confirm the value of the spatial and functional complexity of european city fabrics.
A city that is designed starting from the ground floor, from the open space in-between the buildings. An articulated space able to give life to a structured sequence of different environments in mutual relation.
A continuous system but at the same time differentiated in relation to the plurality of potential uses and different meanings; a system able to promote the sense of collective and the interaction among the inhabitants.
A city composed of a double system: on one side a pedestal which visually and phisically connect the urban fabric, gives shape to the open public space and hosts all the programs that need a proximity with the city domain; on the other side a system of residential courtyards which defines a more intimate and private space.

Competition | Finalist in restricted international competition | 72.000 sqm
Via Guido Reni / Viale del Vignola.
Flaminio. Rome.
Architects: Ángela García de Paredes, Ignacio G. Pedrosa (Paredes Pedrosa) Maria Claudia Clemente, Francesco Isidori (Labics)
Client: CDP investimenti Sgr / Roma Capitale
Collaborators ES: Roberto Lebrero, Álvaro Rábano Poveda, Clemens Eichner
Collaborators IT: Onorato di Manno, Sara Sosio, Andrea di Renzo
Students: Miguel Beltrán de Lis Bartolomé, Giorgio Skoll
Landscape: Grupo Aranea (Marta García Chino, Francisco Leiva Ivora)
Sustainability: Eliana Cangelli
Economics: Intertecno

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