san esteban garden

San Esteban Garden


2019 –

In our proposal named THREE STRATA, beyond ordering or reconstructing the archaeological area of the Andalusian suburb of Arrixaca and the San Esteban Garden, we propose to rebuild the urban fabric and the recovery for the city of a wide urban platform usable at its various levels in continuity with the contemporary city. Once the archaeological excavation has been carried out, the resulting void will be resolved by defining the independent geometry of the three strata that have been mixed for centuries.
The precise definition of the edges of each of these strata; the site, the subsequent accumulation of material and the new public space, are the key to the necessary unitary understanding of the historic complex of San Esteban. Therefore, we propose an urban intervention and an excavation presence formulated from architecture, understood as geometry and spatial order with an unavoidable attention to the life of today’s city.

Competition | National competition | archaeological area: 7.026 sqm / plaza: 8.186 sqm / exhibition pavilion: 986 sqm
Plaza de San Esteban:
c/ Jerónimo de Roda c/ Alciso Díaz c/ Portillo de San Antonio,
Honourable mention
Architects: Ángela García de Paredes, Ignacio G. Pedrosa
Client: Ministerio de Fomento. Dirección General de Arquitectura, Vivienda y Suelo
Architecture team: Clemens Eichner, Álvaro Rábano, Roberto Lebrero, Luis G Pachón
Students: Chiara Livi (UNIFI), Luis Acedo – Rico (UPM). Laura Martuccielo (UNIGE)

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