Valle Inclán Theatre

Valle Inclán Theatre



The necessary volumes and height of the Olimpia Theatre preside Lavapiés square. Leaning on the nearby party walls, the volumes in which the building is divided adapt to the triangular geometry of the site and they retract to enlarge the existing square. The glazed front of these pieces opens up to the urban space in the historical center of Madrid and transforms at night into an attractive source of light. A continuous interior space gives access to the theatre and overlooks the square through large windows. The programme of the building is varied: a hall for contemporary theatre, a lecture room, a rehearsal hall and scenic areas in order to host avant-garde and alternative theatre. The hall is planned as a neutral and versatile space with capacity for 500 seats, from which 130 are located on a retractable platform. Meanwhile, the stage can be extended towards the hall by means of movable platforms, which allow the complete integration of both. This way, it is possible to build up a vast container with the only limit of imagination: from a conventional hall to the most stimulating stage design.

Built | 1st Prize in national competition | 5.380 sqm
Former Olimpia Theatre
Plaza de Lavapiés. Calle Valencia, 1
Madrid. Spain
Finalist in FAD Awards 2006
Finalist in ENOR Arquitectura Awards 2006
Mention in XX Premio Arquitectura y Urbanismo of Madrid 2006
Finalist in IX Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo 2007
Spain Architecture Award 2007
Architects: Ángela García de Paredes. Ignacio G. Pedrosa
Client: Madrid City Council
Management: Ministry for Culture. INAEM
Collaborators: Silvia Colmenares (Design and Construction supervision). Manuel García de Paredes
Consultants: GOGAITE S.L. Structural engineers. GEASYT S.A. Mechanical engineers
Technical control: Luis Calvo
Contractor: ORTIZ Construcciones y Proyectos S.A.
Photographs: Luis Asín. Roland Halbe

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