101 dwellings

101 dwellings San Francisco Javier I



These 101 low cost housing for the municipality of Madrid are organized in a U – shaped block imposed by regulations. Following the rigorous restrictions that the laws for this type of buildings establish, the block reiterates its desire to constitute a rotund and unitary building. The housing units are assembled minimizing the spaces devoted to communal areas, reduced to only four cores of vertical communications. The compactness of the block is translated on the outside into a dense facade, in which each of the windows provides a solution to the different situations generated inside the apartments: living room, kitchen or bedroom. Prefabricated boxes constitute the bay along its entire perimeter and are transformed as it changes: a greater projection toward the west, one side only and one lintel to the south, to protect the interior from the sun, and boxes almost at level with the flat brick wall on the remaining facades.

Built | Commission | 11.915 sqm
Calles Eduardo Rojo 2, 4, 6 / Sierra de la Sagra 11
Colonia San Francisco Javier. Madrid
Shortlisted for the VII Bienal de Arquitectura Española 2001 – 2002
Mention in XVII Premios Urbanismo, Arquitectura y Obra Pública Ayuntamiento de Madrid 2002
COAM Award 2003
Architects: Ángela García de Paredes. Ignacio G. Pedrosa
Client: Empresa Municipal de la Vivienda de Madrid
Management: Empresa Municipal de la Vivienda de Madrid
Collaborators: Eva M Neila. Silvia Colmenares. Victoria Ruiz. Manuel G. de Paredes
Consultants: GEASYT S.A. Mechanical engineers. GOGAITE S.L. Structural engineers
Technical control: Luis Calvo
Contractor: Aldesa Construcciones S.A.
Photographs: Luis Asín. Eduardo Sánchez

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