Social Housing in Pradolongo

Social Housing in Pradolongo

Pradolongo. Madrid


Pradolongo is not only the precise resolution of a housing programme but rather a way of making the most of the planning capacity of the constructed volume for the benefit of our city and the urban landscape. The footprint of the proposed buildings unfolds horizontally and vertically until they acquire the condition of an independent vertical element with the capacity to become an urban landmark. The volumes start to unfold with two blocks, which form two open public spaces. In this way the linearity of the open block does not exclude the formation of small-scale, private public spaces with an ease of control in which the construction units are immersed creating the gentle private image desired by all residential constructions. A third three-storey unit forms the base of slender, twelve-storey double tower with commanding views towards the park. The plan of the dwellings is displayed crossed in the 12-meter blocks and permits crossed ventilation and different combinations for day areas.

Built | 1st prize in national competition | 22.460 sqm
Av. de los Poblados / calle Doctor Tolosa Latour
Parque de Pradolongo Madrid
First Prize in competition 2002
First Prize in Asprima a vivienda protegida Award 2007
Finalist in Spanish Architecture Award 2007
Shortlisted in Arquitectura Enor Awards 2007
Finalist in Ugo Rivolta European Award 2008
Architects: Ángela García de Paredes. Ignacio G. Pedrosa
Client: Municipal Housing Company of Madrid
Management: Municipal Housing Company of Madrid
Collaborators: Eva M. Neila. Silvia Colmenares. Pilar Barroso. Sonia Simón. Álvaro Rábano
Consultants: GEASYT S.A. Mechanical engineers. GOGAITE S.L. Structural Engineers
Technical control: Luis Calvo
Contractor: Aldesa Construcciones S.A.
Photographs: Luis Asín. Roland Halbe

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