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Congress Centre



The building for Madrid Congress Center is defined as an interweaving of open spaces, enclosed spaces and people clusters under the powerful presence of the towers of the north Madrid. A horizontal prism pierced by a chain of open spaces linked to the park builds this well-ordered centre of human confluence for cultural and social activities that are intended as a place of meeting and stay and not only as an access to the CICC of Madrid. From the towers, the squares will be seen as the luminous crater of a volcano threading the urban fabric. In the interior, clarity of uses and circulations, flexibility, interdependence and autonomy for a complex programme: rooms for 4300, 1500, 1000 seats, meeting rooms and a large exhibition space. A continuous exterior envelope will be built with transparent, translucent or black steel glass scales. This system will be a pergola on the roof or a lattice on the façade and uses the incidence of light to create discontinuous shadows with different densities.

international competition | finalist | SR: 65.100 sqm  B.R: 121.220 sqm
Architects: Ángela García de Paredes, Ignacio G. Pedrosa
Client: Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Collaborators: Álvaro Rábano, Álvaro Oliver, Eva Urquijo, Clemens Eichner, Manuel García de Paredes.
Structure Consultant: GOGAITE S.L.
Services Consultant: GEASYT S.A.
hall 1: 4300 p.
hall 2: 1500 p.
hall 3: 1000 p.

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