displacements exhibition

Displacements Exhibition. X BIAU



The X BIAU exhibition at the Triennale aims to express the diversity of situations that architecture faces in a vast territory that brings together twenty-two countries on two continents and 660 million people, conditioned by the “DISPLACEMENTS” and movements of those who migrate from the rural peripheries to the magnetic urban centres and others that end with the abandonment of the cities. These “DISPLACEMENTS” are proposed in the exhibition, without walls nor borders, beyond the Ibero-American territory in order to express an open and common landscape. A lightweight zig-zag modular structure, located on the axis of the hall, shows the awarded works in light boxes as well as catalogues and newspapers of the Biennial that can be picked up freely by the visitors. Each work has an open catalogue on lecterns showing its technical data. The light in the room is intended to be low in order to emphasize the light boxes in the central element guiding the visitor around. A set of textile panels with “graffiti” hand drawings by Souto de Moura, this edition Ibero-American Prize, lead to a video with a conversation between Mendes da Rocha and Souto de Moura, moderated by Carrilho da Graça, at the X BIAU opening in São Paulo.

Built | Temporary Exhibition | 436 sqm
La Triennale di Milano
Curators: Ángela García de Paredes e Ignacio Pedrosa
Triennale Architecture Curator: Alberto Ferlenga
Exhibition Design: Paredes Pedrosa Arquitectos
Location: La Triennale di Milano, Italia
Client: Spain Ministry of Development (Ministerio de Fomento)
Video: Fundación Arquia
BIAU Management: Spain Higher Council of Architects Associations (CSCAE)
Graphic Design: gráfica futura
Exhibition stands: Jofebar
Light boxes: Intervento
Textile panels: Sanca

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