public housing badajoz

36 patios – Public Housing

El campillo, Badajoz


The premise of our proposal is to repair a delicate environment of the historic city in the Plaza Alta integrating the houses into the city, being part of its character. We feel necessary to meet the project with the city, getting closer to its own reality, helping to improve the atmosphere in which it is inserted, thinking about the balance with the context through its scale and urban design.
The 36 houses release a central public garden of almond trees adapted to the topography. The rows of houses are staggered, aligned and white colured, leaning on the steep slope, linking the roofs to the courtyards; and the roads, which give them direct access from the street, in continuity with the layout of the city. The house is shaped to suit the individual needs, as an intimate interior universe around the patio, as a “living” space of each house.

Competition| 2ndprize | Site1: 2.078 sqm – Site 2: 2017 sqm
c/ Castillo with c/ Campillo
El campillo, Badajoz
Arquitects: Ángela García de Paredes, Ignacio G. Pedrosa
Colaboradores: Roberto Lebrero, Luis G Pachón, Clemens Eichner, Álvaro Rábano
Students: Laura Martucciello (Erasmus+), Paola Lenzoni (Eures Network)

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