migjorn care centre

Migjorn Care Centre


2021 –

The proposed program believes that a proper building orientation, based on the intended use of natural light, can benefit the elderly daily life. To do so, the five arms volume doesn’t follow the plot nor the adjacent facilities’ orientation. It is intentionally faced to the south to profit from as much daylight as possible, and it breaks into separate arms with three floors to accommodate 100 people around open patios connected by common areas where life is shared allowing every room to receive natural sunlight facing the natural surroundings. The volume has the appearance of a residential building, supported by the integration of pergolas and greenery in its facade to reinforce its domestic character. At the same time, public and private patios are created to strengthen the resident’s connection to nature.

Selected competition | 9420 sqm
Avenida Cataluña y Carrer del Puigmal,
Ripollet, Barcelona
Paredes Pedrosa in collaboration with MESURA
Client: Ripollet City Council
Structure: GOGAITE Ingenieros Consultores SL
Engineering: JG Ingenieros Consultores de Proyectos SA
Paredes Pedrosa team: Blanca Vicens, Pierluigi Recca, Benedetta Conforti
Renders: Beta Visuals

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