mutua madrid

Cultural Space Mutua Madrileña


2021 –

The intervention in the building designed in 1895 for the Belgian company Real Compañía Asturiana de Minas, attends to its strategic position in the renewed Plaza de España as one more piece of this renovated public space at the vertex between Calle Bailén and the Plaza. On the other hand, an unknown interior space, autonomous from the volume and form that contains it, is valued, and opened to the city. In this surprising empty space, a flexible, versatile, and innovative program for culture is developed, for a contemporary cultural space with a variable topography that gives continuity to urban renewal and contributes to the process that the city is undergoing in Plaza de España. At the corner of the building, a panoramic elevator forms the backbone of the different levels and allows to go up to the open-air exhibition terrace on the roof from where the transformed city can be seen.

Competition | National competition | 5050 sqm
Plaza de España 8,
Architects: Ángela García de Paredes, Ignacio G. Pedrosa
Client: Mutua Madrileña
Architecture team: Luis G Pachón, Benedetta Conforti, Blanca Vicens, Álvaro Rábano, Pierluigi Recca
Student: Juan Sebastián Vintimilla (TUM)
Arquitecto técnico: Francisco Javier Reñones Marín
Instalaciones: JG Ingenieros Consultores de Proyectos S.A.
Instalaciones: Nexitic
Estructuras: Gogaite Ingenieros Consultores SLP
Branding, diseño, marca y señalética: MesserFaden

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