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Auditorium & Congress Center



The Auditorium emerges on the sea front of Malaga’s port as a clear spatial organisation. A cluster of cubic volumes with different heights, textures and brightness overlook all directions. A system of modular pieces of 21x 21 m., the same size as the stage, builds up the programme of this building designed for music. The building is conceived as a landscape for people in which inner and outer spaces imply a continual transition between them.
From these public spaces that articulate the built volumes, there are views towards the sea and the new port. The loggia at the entrance is conceived as a filter crossed by wind that gives way to the main hall for 1800 seats, chamber music hall for 400 seats, the restaurant, and the musical library. The main hall with a lens shaped plan is placed as an autonomous piece on the grid and allows both symphonic music and opera.

competition | national restricted competition | 35.150 sqm
Paseo Antonio Machado,
Leisure port. Málaga
Architects: Ángela García de Paredes. Ignacio Pedrosa
Client: Consorcio para el Auditorio de Música de Málaga
Team: Silvia Colmenares Álvaro Rábano. Clemens Eichner. Lucía Guadalajara. Cornelius Schmitz. Pascal Germann. Ángel Camacho. Guiomar Martin
Technical control: Luis Calvo
Structure: GOGAITE S.L.
Mechanical engineers: GEASYT S.A
Accoustics: D. Higini Arau
hall 1: 1800 p.
hall 2: 400 p.

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