Lugo Auditorium

Lugo Auditorium



The Auditorium, has a strong link to the topography and involves rearranging the relationships between the open spaces of the slope and the city. The building is organized between two levels: a lower one related to the city and to the avenue and an upper level related to the existing gardens where the entrance to the music halls is placed. Parallel to the avenue a transparent façade builds up the Auditorium’s representative image towards the city. A long and irregular shaped volume hosts the programme where public areas link a series of different spaces connected by a large continuous lobby. The music halls, for 900 and 300 seats are designed also for theatre and both are placed over the slope overlooking the garden with natural light and views towards the green area. The building has a double image, a fragmented small-scale image towards the garden and a continuous glass curtain wall with different transparencies and heights towards the city, conceived as a large vernacular gallery.

Built | 1st prize in international competition | 14.572 sqm
Avenida de Magoi
3rd Finalist Enor Architecture Awards 2017
Nominated Mies van der Rohe Award  2017
Selected for the Lamp lighting Award 2017
1st prize Veteco – Asefave Award 2016
Selected for the Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura 2017
Honorable mention The Plan Awards 2018
Selected for the Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo 2018
Architects: Ángela García de Paredes. Ignacio G. Pedrosa
Client: Local Government of Galicia
Management: Municipality of Lugo
Collaborators in project: Álvaro Rábano. Clemens Eichner. Lucía Guadalajara. Ángel Camacho. Ingrid Campo. Blanca Leal. Roberto Lebrero
Project technical control: Luis Calvo
Consultants: JG Ingenieros Consultores de Proyectos S.A. + Obradoiro Enxeñeiros S.L. (Mechanical Engineers). GOGAITE S.L. + E3 Arquitectos, Francisco Carballo and Carolo Losada (Structural Engineers)
Site supervision: Juan Iglesias, Iván López Veiga
Collaborators in construction: Ana Ortiz, Ana González de Herrero, Rubén Ramos, Alejandro Romero
Technical control on site: Vicente Quiroga Rodríguez
Contractor: UTE FCC Construcción S.A. Vilamiño S.A.
Photographs: Fernando Alda. Roland Halbe

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