public school in el brull

Public School in El Brull


2019 –

School of 6+12+16+6 units (nursery, primary, secondary, high school).
Rather than a single volume, we propose a void inside the site, a rectangular school void surrounded by the building that gives it a unitary image reinforced by a large rectangular playground surrounded by buildings and porches that generate a succession of open and closed spaces. Patios and porches are necessary indeed to set up pleasant spaces for school use in Ceuta’s climate, characterized by strong winds throughout the year, and also to protect against rain (high rainfall rate) and sun (strong light intensity). The existing archaeological area is surrounded with a light metal mesh that allows its vision from the central playground, the core of the school, favoring the vision of the excavation from the heart of the school and integrating itself as part of it.

Competition | National competition | 9.881,80 sqm.
El Brull. Ceuta
Architects: Ángela García de Paredes, Ignacio G. Pedrosa
Cliente: Ministry of Education
Architecture team: Álvaro Rábano, Roberto Lebrero, Clemens Eichner, Luis G. Pachón
Consultant: GOGAITE S.L. Structural Engineers

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