sanxenxo praza do mar

Praza do Mar

Sanxenxo new waterfront

2019 –

Transforming the current waterfront into a central urban space and facilitating its incorporation as an active space must go hand in hand with the preservation of the natural environment and the landscape. The beautiful image of Sanxenxo is well known when we look at the estuary, but… Is the image equally beautiful in the opposite direction when we see Sanxenxo from the sea? Certainly, the image of the port from the docks must be revisited with an integrated architectural proposal that updates the complex of the “Capitania” giving it visual continuity and access from the Praza do Mar and the rest of the port. We propose a precise intervention that transforms its fragmentary character into a unitary image from the docks and the sea, characterized by an umbraculum as the reference piece which articulates the scale of the plaza, a sloping roof towards the south and a linear pergola over the existing buildings for visitors and residents, unifying the existing volumes. The motto “Batea en tierra” is a project of continuities, between the sea and the land; of urban continuities; of continuities of the interrupted paths; of continuities of the maritime façade of Sanxenxo; of continuities between the materials and the autochthonous vegetation; a project of continuities to have a unitary image of the city and the port in which a new viewpoint will look out over the Silgar, the sea and the land.

on going | 1st prize international competition | 20.000 sqm
Praza do Mar, Sanxenxo
Architects: Ángela García de Paredes, Ignacio G. Pedrosa
Client: Ayuntamiento de Sanxenxo / Nauta Sanxenxo
Architecture team: Luis G Pachón, Roberto Lebrero, Clemens Eichner, Álvaro Rábano, Laura Martucciello (Erasmus +), Luis Acedo – Rico (COIE UPM)
Consultants: Structural Engineers GOGAITE,
2019. Ordenación del Puerto Deportivo, Sanxenxo. AV proyectos 095 2019. Pág. 28 – 29. ISSN: 1697-493X
2019. Batea en Tierra. TC prospectiva Nº2, p.6-15. ISBN: 978-84-17753-11-5

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